How it Works

We have designed Yes Halal app in such a way that it is very easy to use by its users and is user friendly. The working of app is very simple you need to open your camera and scan the product you wish to scan. The other option is you can simply type the barcode in the box on app. The app will provide all the information of the product and tell you whether it is halal or not.

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Key Features

Key Features on app

Yes Halal app has different features which are mentioned below in detail.

Product Scanner

It is not easy to find halal certified food in Non-Muslim countries especially in Japan. The pork is very common and its derivative is part of much food stuff that you won’t normally imagine. Ingredients of a product is listed in detail in the package, some products also have allergen checklist. So with enough knowledge of ingredient terms in Japanese, it is easy to know whether the product is halal or not. If you still find it difficult to find out whether the food is halal or not, you can use “Yes Halal” application. Yes Halal will help you figure out by scanning product whether it is halal or not. Now you need not to worry about the food you are eating as Yes Halal attempted to locate the halal food for you.

Digital Tasbeeh

That is a digital version of tasbeeh that helps to count Muslims Zikar.

Qibla Compass

A Qibla compass is a superior compass system applied by Muslims to confirm the direction of the city of Mecca and especially to the Ka’abah. Yes Halal will also display the prayer times for your current location. Exactly show the nearby mosques and the opportunity to reach them on time. Just touch on the Qibla direction feature and know the exact Qibla direction applying the online Google maps and dynamic compass. By zooming on the map, you can locate the prayer direction easily.



Yes Halal is currently up and running effectively. Nothing to worry!
The status of Yes Halal is monitored continuously along with it’s all other related services. If we experience an interruption in service, a not is posted on official website. The notice for scheduled downtime is also posted here. If you see any experience without any note kindly let support know.


Simply go to menu icon on app and select contact support page or you can visit our official website to contact us.

If you are having technical issues on app, you can contact support.

Our team is trying its best to ensure accuracy at Yes Halal. We are doing our best to maintain and update products everyday but it is very tough for us and you may experience imprecise data. If this happens you can immediately report it to us on app.

If your app is still displaying ads after upgrade you can close app and re-run app again. In case you are still experiencing ads, you can contact support.

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About Us

Yes Halal is an organization which is promoting and educating Muslims about halal. We are also showing the policies which reflect transparency, adherence, due diligence and honesty to Islamic Jurisprudence. At Yes Halal we help people without any political agenda. Our team consists of talented and energetic experts from all over the world to assist you in halal food sector. They work honestly and enjoy taking challenges that are related to halal industry. For serving Muslim community and worldwide halal industry our auditors, nutritionists and food technologists are having the best at our trade.

Halal Consultancy Service:

Yes Halal is also providing halal consultancy. Our team of professionals have already worked with many companies including food and non-food and helped them to grow more. We have helped them to get halal certificate and provide access to e-market platforms through which online sourcing is easy for halal products. We are also providing a number of training programs targeting halal products and human capacity development. If you need halal consultancy service for your business you can contact us.


App available for Android, Iphone and Windows Phone.Also available on the Amazone App Store and Gallery App Store.