Essential components of the diploma: numbering of pages, illustrations and tables

Essential components of the diploma: numbering of pages, illustrations and tables

The page numbering begins with a name page by which the tru number "1" is perhaps not set. Regarding the next page (Contents) the quantity "2" is put. Further, the whole subsequent amount of the GQW, such as the bibliographic list and annexes, is numbered so that you can the page that is last. Its number that is serial is within the center towards the top or bottom regarding the web page (but uniformly through the text).

Rules of numbering pages in work

Headings of chapters are printed in capital letters, numbered and separated through the text with a solitary line.

The headings of paragraphs (subsections) are printed in reduced instance letters (except the initial uppercase).

Word wraps in headings are not allowed. Aim during the end regarding the name is certainly not set. If the header is composed of a few sentences, chances are they are divided apa citation generator by an interval; plus in this instance the final phrase does not include a dot.

Chapters are numbered in Arabic numerals.

The paragraph number comes with the chapter quantity and also the amount of this paragraph in the present chapter, divided by a dot (as an example, Chapter 1, Paragraphs 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4 correspondingly). Each 10 paragraph may have subsections that are numbered similarly (for instance, area 1.2, subsections 1.2.1, 1.2.2, 1.2.3).

Each chapter begins with a page that is new.

Illustrations in student`s diploma work

The outcomes of emotional research, aside from their textual description, can be presented in the shape of tables, maps, graphs, diagrams, etc. this kind of artistic kind of representation regarding the obtained results enables to format, classify, generalize and compare them among on their own. (more…)